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Wow Orange Is The New Black Season 3 looks good

more like Black Is The New Green

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Guys, this is making news. We’re being heard.

But the comments on the article are, as usual, horrible (accusing us of being delusional, crazy, etc.).

If you guys could please go offer some words of support, that would be GRAND.

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Supernatural is currently getting called out on their bullshit and it is amazing







Join us on twitter and use the hashtag #AskSupernatural 

Do any of you actually know how to read?  This hashtag was created in hopes of the fans asking relevant questions about the characters TO THE ACTORS. TO. THE. ACTORS.  This hashtag was not for the writers, it was for actors.  

I get many people want Destiel.  I don’t understand it, but many do.  However, if anyone has acknowledged anything the actors say, you would be aware that Jensen himself does not support Destiel.  Now of course as an actor I’m sure he would be professional if it were ever written that way.  As one of the most involved actors in the show, however, I feel he understands Dean much better than anyone else and would know if Destiel was a canon concept or not.  

Shipping is fine.  Shipping anything you want is fine.  But trolling the actors of a TV show about your OTP not being canon is not fine.  Focus on the real issues at hand, like the sexism, or ask the questions about Dean’s new demonic side, Sam’s quest to cure him, Castiel’s issues with the other angels, heaven, and the separation of Team Free Will.  If the show is that much of a pain for you to watch, why don’t you stop watching?  I’m sure that would be easier for everyone than having you all be irrationally angry at everything involved in the show.

This is not trolling. This is protest.

The fans here know exactly what this hashtag was created for. They also know that it’s the writers and producers who are going to see these tweets, not the actors. The fandom has been pissed off for a long time at these people, not just over the obvious queerbaiting the show has been doing in reference to both bi!Dean and Destiel, but over the pattern of needless deaths of female characters and blatant misogyny (like you pointed out), recycled story lines, and an abundance of pointless filler episodes. And that is exactly what fans are tweeting about. It’s not just people pushing for their ship, despite what this particular screen cap makes it look like. Check it out for yourself.

And, yes, as much as you don’t understand it, a big part of what needs to be discussed IS Destiel. As a shipper, I would love for it to become canon, but the issue isn’t really about that. It’s about it being blatantly teased, and hinted at, and played up, with absolutely no canonical follow through, simply to keep people like us tuning in, wondering if they’ll actually have the balls to do it. If they don’t intend to do it, they could stop jerking everyone around, but they don’t, and THAT’S the problem that is pissing everyone off. What they do to us is a cheap ploy for ratings, not just by dangling a carrot in front of the biggest, most vocal and impassioned group of shippers in their audience, but by dangling that carrot at all in an era where people are clamoring for non-stereotypical gay representation on TV (which is exactly what Destiel would be), and it’s disgusting.

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but PLENTY of people have stopped watching at this point. Their ratings have been at the lowest they’ve ever been. I think it’s perfectly fair for the people who have loved this show, and have watched it get run into the dirt, to speak up when given an opportunity like this to actually reach the people in control and be heard. They aren’t gonna like it, but it’s shit that needs to be said. Change doesn’t happen by asking, “pretty please?” to the dickheads in power.

Can I just remind everyone that Dean was named and based off of Dean Moriarty, a bi male character, in the first place X? Can people stop acting like bi!dean fans and destiel shippers are crazy? Cuz uh. They’re not. The truth is the writers have already attempted to steer towards the direction of canon destiel and somehow the script ends up being changed (Dean was meant to say “I love you” in 8x17 but Jensen couldn’t bring himself to say it). I hate to add to the wank, and dont get me wrong, I adore Jensen. But I am like 95% certain that he is usually the culprit here. I really do feel that if it weren’t for Jensen’s clear attitude toward destiel, the writers would have already made it canon. There is no way Kripke named Dean after a bi male character without having the knowledge of it. I don’t think Jensen is comfortable playing Dean as a bi man or as a man who has fallen in love with a man. Now whether or not you think it is okay for Jensen to feel uncomfortable with playing a queer character is irrelevent. The fact that he feels that way… So much so to the point where script is being altered because of him and questions about queer romantic subtext are being treated like annoying and embarrassing questions by the rest of the fandom…. Just speaks volumes about how fucking bigoted and homophobic modern society still is and how fucking ignorant people are. Even when a character is named and based off of another queer character, we are not allowed to make claim or question the heterosexuality of said character. We are treated like freaks. How dare we view a character as queer?! How dare we ask that TPTB follow through after bombarding their viewers with such blatant romatic queer subtext?

I don’t really ship Destiel because its really just not my thing, ya know? But I see it. I see the relationship there. That’s why I reblog destiel art. I mean, that and fuckin destiel artists are amazing! More though, I support bi!dean -not gay dean. Dean is not gay. Please stop saying that. I support bi!dean because not only would that do so much for representation of bisexauls and pansexuals and basically shedding a light on the fact that monosexual orientations aren’t the only options. Plus, I’m oblivious. Like you have to shove your head so far into the heternomalitive sand to miss the fact that Dean Winchester is not a heterosexual. Also, Meg pegs Jensen as a large part of the reason Destiel isn’t cannon & I totally agree with her. Because he seems to be the major one screaming “no” on the subject. However, I thought I read/heard somewhere that Jensen has played a queer character before?? So, if so I am assuming he was also uncomfortable with this role?

#hi i’m dean winchester and i’m an outstanding heterosexual

1. They had already conclusively identified the guy with the cards in his wallet. Dean was looking at the birthmark on his penis for kicks. And he took a nice long look, then complimented the guy. 

2. Dean didn’t want Sammy. He wanted someone like a brother, without all the complications. The Siren was a distinctly sexual creature, created in each scenario to be the perfect sexual and personality match for the victim. In every case. The victim’s significant other was not always sexual (ie that one dude’s mom) but the victim’s relationship with the siren always was. Also, the siren was nothing like Sammy in personality or appearance.

3. No one else had a problem not looking at chubby cupid’s chubby.

4. Dean uses specific barbs to get under people’s skins this episode. With Bobby, it was “You’re not my father”. With Sam it was about their brotherhood and trust issues. With Castiel, it’s a sexual come-on. Okay? Okay. That means he both recognizes Cas’ attraction to him and knows how to play it.

5. Dean is a blushing fan girl, who classifies Dr Sexy as sexy because he wears cowboy boots. Dean has a western fetish. Dean doesn’t classify Dr Sexy as sexy to some people, he just classifies him as sexy. Sam is not impressed.

6. Dean forms strong emotional attachments to men very quickly. This guy looked a lot like Cas, and Dean spent the whole season mourning Cas. This is not evidence of bisexuality — or any sexuality — but rather is evidence of Dean’s need for someone to fill the emotional intimacy Cas left void when he died.

7. Dean has specific, sexual body language when he’s interacting with Cas. True, Jensen is a lip-licker. But there are not only various ways to lick your lips — some of which are truly sexual — but there’s also all the other behavior going on in that gif. His realization  of what he’s doing, of Cas tracking the movement, his shifty eyes when he checks around in embarrassment to see if anyone noticed. Don’t downplay the body language, because they took several takes of these things and actors are trained to be conscious of their bodies while being honest in a scene (hence screen actors actually taking into account eye placement inspired by sense memories as opposed to imaginary scenarios). This had to get by the director, producer, and editing team. It’s in there deliberately. It didn’t need to be. But it is. For what reason? We get to decide.

8. Crossdressing does not equal gay, but it kinda does in Dean Winchester’s mind. He repeatedly equates the effeminate (or what he thinks is effeminate, which is a ton of things including feelings and probably vegetables) to homosexuality. He’s also suffering from a little bit of gender dysphoria, because he’s attracted to several things that he or someone in his life deemed unmasculine (such as liking ballet movies and wearing ladies underwear). In the fairy tale episode, when confronted with a frog, Dean assumes he’s going to have to take on the female role, bite the bullet and kiss it — so he preemptively says no way, Jose. But it is just one of the ways in which Dean’s defensiveness springs not from an outward attack on his masculinity, but from his inner insecurities. When he is trying to trip up Sam by preying on masculine insecurities “Sam wears women’s underwear!” “Is this yours? [holds up a bra]” it’s projection: Dean wears women’s underwear. And liked it. And he never got over it, whether or not it’s important to us. It says nothing factual to us about his sexuality, but it says a lot to Dean himself.

9. Dean doesn’t have to eye the guy up and down and give him a hi, howyadoin’ smile there. He’s obviously impressed by the guy’s uniform — but, um, you know who else is really impressed by a guy in uniform? Anyone who has a kink for uniforms, or authority. Just sayin’. And again, body language. There are ways to check out an impressive uniform without seeming sexual. This is not one of the ways to do that.

10. There was no 10 but I’m adding it. Did we forget about the boner already? How about the fact that Dean’s supposedly uncomfortable with Cas sharing close physical space with him, but then gets all up into Cas’? How about the fact that Cas can paw through his bag and duffel and Dad’s journal, but the minute he wants to crash in their room, Dean gets super uncomfortable? (Hint: platonic best friends don’t care if you sleep on their floor while their sibling is in the room. Or if you choose to stay up and watch silent tv or read a book while they sleep.) How about the way Dean OBVIOUSLY checks out Cas in scene after scene, stands like 2cm away, and initiates serious heart-to-hearts again and again — something he loathes to do, even with Sammy? 

Or how about the fact that Jensen implied Dean used to turn tricks? How about Jeffery’s monologue at Dean about his relationship with the demon being a parallel to Dean’s own state (obviously with his angel, come on, so blatant)? Or how about the fact that he stared at Emmanuel with practically no reservation, just like, awe and heartbreak, and asked repeatedly about his “wife”, like he couldn’t believe it? How about the fact when Meg says, “You go talk to him, he was your boyfriend first” Dean not only doesn’t object, he goes and talks to him

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